Wine Terms - Part 3!

The 3rd and final part of our Wine Terms series is here!! Part 3 is short and sweet, so if you’re just tuning in, you’re in luck. This is the shortest list of terms, so there’s no excuse for not mastering em’. Just kidding, there’s no pressure to master, just encouragement :). If you missed the beginning of this series be sure to recap Part 1 & 2 ! Memorize all 3 parts and you’ll surely be labeled as “the wino” in your circle! Ok, final Wine Terms from Wander + Ivy, here we go!

Tannins: A descriptor of the flavor you feel when drinking wine. Tannins give off a bitter flavor and are often felt towards the back of your mouth. This sensation comes from the skin and seeds of the grape coming in contact with the juice. Tannins are a great thing, they give the wine a more robust and well-rounded flavor. Additionally, this sensation is usually referring to red wines.

Terroir: Refers to how the growing region impacts the flavor of the wine. There are several different elements that impact this including: soil, topography, and climate. As an added fun fact, this term is used for wine and it’s all used for cheese and coffee beans.

Varietal: You may be asked, “What kind of varietal do you prefer?”, and at Wander + Ivy we use this term often. This type of question is essentially asking “what kind of grape do you like?” Interestingly, the US and Europe term their wines very differently. In the US, wine will oftentimes be termed based on the varietal. For example, a Cabernet Sauvignon, which refers to the grape type. While Europe will term their wine based on region. For example, a Red Bordeaux Blend, which refers to the region.

Vintage: It’s not just “old cool clothing”, though vintage Chanel certainly sounds chic. Vintage in wine terms refers to the specific year in which wine was produced. A “Non-Vintage” wine refers to when the producer has the ability to leave out the years the wine was produced, sometimes because the wine is from multiple years.

And, that is a wrap on Wander + Ivy Wine Terms! What new terms did you learn from this series? Did we miss any terms you love to use? Let us know!

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