Common Wine Questions Answered

Wine bottles from Wander + Ivy

Got questions about wine? We've got answers. Wander + Ivy makes sipping on a glass of wine simple. 

Wondering how many drinks are in a bottle of wine? How long wine lasts after opening? Whether you can bring wine on a plane? We’ll answer some of the most common wine questions to help you get more out of your next glass. 

Cheers to learning something new!

How Many Glasses of Wine in a Bottle?

Wander + Ivy offers an elegant single-serve wine bottle that contains 187mL / 6.3 fl. oz. of premium wine–that’s one-quarter of a traditional bottle​​. Each Wander + Ivy pour is slightly more than what is considered a “standard” glass of wine, which is typically defined as 5 ounces. 

So how many drinks are in a bottle of wine? With Wander + Ivy, each bottle is designed to serve as one generous glass of wine​​. However, depending on the size of your wine glass and your personal preference, you may enjoy 1-2 glasses out of each bottle​​. This approach allows you to enjoy a high-quality glass of wine without the concern of wasting a larger bottle​.

How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew?

Wander + Ivy's single-serve bottles come with a user-friendly continuous thread closure, making them simple to open without a corkscrew. In contrast, traditional corked wine bottles might require a bit more ingenuity to open if a corkscrew isn't handy.

How Many Calories in a Bottle of Wine?

A bottle of Wander + Ivy holds 6.3 ounces and contains on average about 150 calories.  Visit the Our Wines page to view specific serving facts for each of our wines.

How many calories are in a standard glass of wine? A standard 750ml bottle has around 600-800 calories, though this varies by wine type.  That being said, wine brands aren’t required to disclose serving facts (including calories) on wine products, so oftentimes there’s no way to know what you’re drinking.

How Long Does Wine Last After Opening?

A woman pouring a glass of wine from Wander + Ivy

Wander + Ivy's single-serve wine bottles effectively address the common concerns associated with the shelf life of wine after opening:

  • Can Wine Go Bad: Standard wine bottles can go bad within 3–5 days after opening due to oxidation​​.  Plus, the taste of your wine will begin to change subtly after the first day. Wander + Ivy's single-serve wines, meant to be consumed at once, avoid this issue.
  • Can Wine Freeze: Yes, wine can freeze, and doing so may alter its flavor and potentially cause the bottle to break due to the expansion of liquid as it turns to ice.  Don’t forget that bottle of wine you threw in the freezer! ​​.
  • How Long Can Wine Last Opened: Most wines last only a few days after opening​​. Wander + Ivy's single-serve wines eliminate the need to store opened wine.
  • Can Wine Expire: Wine does not expire in the traditional sense but can deteriorate over time​​. Most wines–including whites and rosé wines in particular–are usually intended to be drunk and not aged.
  • Can You Drink Red Wine 7 Days After Opening: Drinking red wine 7 days after opening is not recommended, as the wine will have oxidized substantially over that period. 

With Wander + Ivy, you never have to worry about wasting half-drunk bottles of wine.  Wander + Ivy's single-serve bottles ensure that wine is always consumed fresh, so you can enjoy one great glass of wine, anytime.

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle?

Start by selecting a wrapping material such as wrapping paper, fabric, tissue paper, or cellophane–you can even get creative with options like chic kitchen towels! Measure and cut the wrapping paper to size, ensuring it covers the bottle with extra for folding. Wrap the paper around the bottle's body and secure it with tape, then neatly pleat and tuck the top excess into the bottle's neck. Finish with a decorative ribbon or bow and add a personal touch with a tag or card.

Can You Bring Wine on a Plane?

Can you bring unopened wine on a plane? You can bring wine on a plane in checked bags with no volume restrictions for alcohol under 24 percent ABV, and up to 5 liters for alcohol between 24 percent and 70 percent ABV in unopened retail packaging.

The Wander + Ivy Way

A glass of wine from Wander + Ivy on a table

Now you know how many glasses of wine are in a bottle and how long wine can last unopened, it’s obvious why Wander + Ivy’s single-serve mini wine bottles are such an elegant solution! 

Whether you're celebrating with friends or planning a cozy evening at home, Wander + Ivy offers a convenient and sophisticated wine experience. Our single-serve bottles eliminate the common dilemma of wasted wine. With our premium selection, you can savor the perfect pour of exceptional wine anytime, anywhere, without compromise. Plus, all wines are made with certified organic grapes, 0g sugar, and low sulfites, so you can sit back and sip knowing exactly what you are(n’t) drinking.

Shop our collection today, and treat yourself to the perfect pour that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.