We currently ship to the following states: AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, and WY.

Unfortunately, we do not ship to the following states at this time: AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, LA, ME, MS, NJ, OK, RI, and UT.

Due to local laws, we are unable to ship foreign-produced wines to CT.  Accordingly, we can ship our California Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon to CT.  Click here to shop a special bundle we’ve created for CT customers.

Yes! Visit our Wine Shop to order online and ship to your door! 

Our current order processing time is 2-3 business days. We ship all orders via UPS. Once your order has left our facility, it should arrive within 3 business days or less. We will send you an email as soon as we ship your order, so you can keep an eye on your Wander + Ivy wine!

Yes, please! An adult signature (21+) is required at the time of delivery. UPS will only attempt delivery 3 times before returning the package to us. Once the package has been returned to us, we have to charge full rate shipping to send it again - and neither of us wants that!

If you’re having trouble being at home during delivery times, please remember you can contact UPS and have them hold the package at a nearby facility for you to pick up.

We hope you love your Wander + Ivy wine as much as we do! If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know and we will replace or refund your order.

The Wine

Each bottle of Wander + Ivy is 187mL / 6.3 fl. oz. (one-quarter the size of a traditional bottle of wine).  No more guilt about wasting a bottle!

We do not offer larger size bottles. Our goal is to provide an elevated single-serve wine experience with our 187mL / 6.3 fl. oz. glass bottles. Each bottle is one-quarter the size of a traditional bottle of wine.

Our patented bottles are made of glass. Please repurpose or recycle!

All of our wines are labeled as "Made with Organic Grapes". This means that our wines contain 100% certified organic grapes, which have been grown in accordance with the organic standards established by the USDA NOP. Furthermore, all wines are produced to organic standards in a certified organic facility and may contain up to 100ppm total sulfites.

Yes, but because Wander + Ivy wines are “Made with Organic Grapes”, the wines may only contain a limited amount of sulfites (up to 100 parts per million).

The certified organic grapes from which our wines are made are grown sustainably without the use of harsh herbicides or pesticides, so you can sit back and sip knowing exactly what you are(n't) drinking.

Each of our wines is carefully sourced from a different award-winning, organic vineyard around the world.

Each animal represents the region where the wine is from. Professional on the front, party on the back!

Under each animal, there is the scientific name for the animal along with “bacchanal” or “bacchus” alluding to the Michelangelo statue of the Greek God of Wine depicting drunkenness. The implication is a drunken animal!

Yes! We plan to expand varietals as we grow. Please let us know what varietals you would like to see added. We love your feedback!

Yes, our wines are vegan. No animal products are used in the winemaking process.

Visit the Our Wines page to view the Serving Facts for each of our wines, including alcohol by volume, calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein, and sugar content.

Sweetness in wine is the result of residual sugar left in the wine following the fermentation process.

All of our wines have no added sugar and 0g of residual sugar, meaning none of our wines are sweet wines.

Other components in wine can impact the impression of sweetness. For example, intense fruit flavors can be confused as sweet flavors, but a wine can be fruity without being sweet.

Our wines do not have an expiration date, but just as with most single-serve wines, they are meant to be enjoyed now and not aged!

The color and sediment are called tartrates. Tartrates are also known as wine diamonds. They usually appear on the cork or at the bottom of a bottle during aging. Wine diamonds are harmless and are a natural result of the tartaric acid in grapes binding together with the potassium found in wine. The small crystals chelate onto the inner bottle surface and then bind to the color constituents in the wine. Because our bottles are clear you may see this vs other bottles that are not clear. Tartrates are pretty neat to look at, but nothing to worry about, as in, the wine is just fine!

The Company

Founded in Denver, CO in 2017 by Dana Spaulding, who is a mom and entrepreneur.

Wander invokes a sense of travel and exploration. The size, shape and look of W+I differs from what exists in the market and is an exploration of new packaging and a new way to enjoy a glass of wine.  We also “wander the world” to find the best wines!  Ivy adds a green and natural element to the name, which highlights our focus on natural and organic ingredients. Together “Wander + Ivy” is a beautiful and memorable name that speaks to our active and adventurous consumer and incorporates a green, natural feel that ties with the organic and sustainable elements of our products.