Halloween Candy + Wine Pairing!

Spooky season is here and we’re sharing the most exciting candy and wine pairings to add a little flair to your adult trick or treating this year! Amanda and Dana, our Level 2 Sommeliers, picked out classic Halloween candies to pair with our current varietals! These pairings are great if you’re planning on trick or treating with your little ones, passing out candy, or having ascary movie night at home! Halloween candy pairings for the win(e) this year, let’s dive in!

Red Blend x Reese Peanut Butter Cup: Red blends can have a variety of flavor profiles. One of the unique and delicious flavors of the Wander +Ivy Spanish Red Wine is a lovely finish that has hints of chocolate. Peanut butter and chocolate together are delish, there’s no question about that! So we present to you, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with our Red Blend! You can expect an extra explosion of chocolatey goodness with this pairing!

Cabernet x Snickers: Most of us think of pairing a Cabernet with a big bold dish like steak. Lucky for you, a well-balanced Cabernet can also pair beautifully with again, something chocolatey. Cabernets can have notes of nut and oak from the oak barrel aging process. So, the flavors from this process go perfectly with the chocolate, peanuts, and caramel of…none other than a classic Snickers!

Sauv Blanc x Skittles: Sauv Blancs can range from acidic to sweet in the flavor profile. You often find citrus fruits prevalent in Sauv Blancs which is why Skittles, the yellow and green ones, can pair wonderfully to bring out the dynamic fruit notes in Sauvignon Blancs.

Chardonnay x Starburst: Chardonnay is another varietal with a range of flavor profiles …acidic, citrus to buttery, oaky. All these flavors pair nicely with…Starburst! For more buttery Chards, go with pink and red Starbursts. For citrus leaning Chards, go with yellow, orange, and more tropical flavored Starbursts

Rosé x Twizzlers: Rosé wines can have prominent berry flavors like raspberries and strawberries! Twizzlers, which are strawberry flavored, pair beautifully with your favorite Rosé wine bottle.

While we are super excited to dress up this year, we might be more excited about our wine and candy pairings. WINE not get extra playful with Trick or Treating this year!

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