Sushi & Sake: Wine Pairings!

Part 3 of our Sushi & Sake series is here! Stacey Ingram from Indah Sushi in Whitefish, Montana takes us through sushi pairings with our Wander + Ivy wines. This was a fun one and now we’re craving sushi (and wine, obviously)! Watch the full IGTV here! To get caught up on the rest of our Sushi & Sake series, click the links below, we hope you enjoy!

While most of our series has focused on sake thanks to Stacey's expertise we're switching gears to sushi and wine. Sushi and white wine is a go-to for many people, and we’re here to encourage you not to discount sushi and reds. Let’s dive in…

Sauvignon Blanc & Sushi

As mentioned, white wines and sushi are a true delight. Wander + Ivy Sauvignon Blanc pairs tremendously well with white fish. Stacey prepared a black cod also known as butterfish, seared with a ginger soy reduction and whiskey miso sauce and it was, perfection! The reduction caramelized the sugars in the sauce which created a smoky flavor that paired wonderfully with the citrus zest and lemongrass in our Sauv B!

Rosé & Sushi

Rosé is a fun, common pairing for sushi, it’s multifunctional depending on the varietal used in the Rosé which keeps the pairing interesting. Whitefish, redfish, and, seaweed salads all make excellent choices for this pairing. We paired our mini Rosé bottle with Hamachi, an amberjack family fish, that was finished with jalapeno and habanero sea salt. The spice from the jalapeno and habanero brought out the fruit notes of our Rosé in the best way, highly recommend!

Reds & Sushi

Reds and sushi, are not as common, but just as delicious. Stacey states in our IGTV, red wine isn’t the perfect pairing for sushi but red wine is a necessity to life, and so we pair it!

Big-eyed tuna and smoked trout can be delicious with a Red Blend. Ahi tuna with a Cabernet Sauvignon is recommended to dive into reds and sushi pairings. Tempura of all sorts is delicious with our Red Blend. And finally, spicy noodles/rice, like pad Thai and drunken noodles, can bring out complexity in red blends.

We paired our Cab with big-eyed tuna that was sprinkled with togarashi, which is a finely ground orange peel cayenne pepper that adds a little bit of heat, and it was simply delicious. We paired our Red Blend with smoked trout over a bed of rice, wrapped with some nori to add umami flavor. The soy, trout, and red blend brought out smoky flavors that were superb.

Things to Remember!

Most people dip their sushi in the rice, dunk in the fish side, lightly on the fish, it hits the
palette first, this act amplifies the flavor of the fish.

If you’re having sushi with salmon the recommendation is a high acidity white. If you’re in the
mood for red wine, and ahi tuna, with some black pepper and a little bit of lemon, is the rec!

All the fish at Indah Sushi is sourced from all over the world, they only source sustainable fish,
that is fished or raised by the highest grade, brought into Seattle, and then flown directly into

Their Sushi is sourced from all over the world and our wine is sourced from all over the world,
cheers to that!

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