Wisdom Wednesday: Founders Edition - Paige Goss, Founder & CEO of Point Solutions Group

During International Women's Month we are so excited to introduce our new Wisdom Wednesday Founders Edition series! Once a month, we’re connecting with amazing Women Entrepreneurs to discuss business, life, and everything in between.

This month we connected with Paige Goss, Founder & CEO of Point Solutions Group. Paige is a fixer of fixers, orchestrating a collection of highly adept tech and engineering all-stars. She founded Point Solutions Group to address the dire need for diversity in information technology, engineering, and professional services in government and commercial organizations. 

Paige is an amazing entrepreneur and we were so excited to sit down with her. Be sure to watch the full conversation on our IGTV here

Can you share your "founders story"?

“I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was two and always had a dream of starting a business. I grew up around entrepreneurs.”

Paige’s first big taste of founding a company came when she was working with an organization in Raleigh. NC, and she had the opportunity to build a company within a company. 

“I gained what I call ignorant confidence from this experience, and moved my family to Colorado to launch Point Solutions from scratch. I had a desire to have a technology business where people were still the center. At Point Solution, we believe that people are the center point of all success and if you surround technology around great people, then great things happen!”

What advice would you give to yourself on Day 1 of starting your business? 

  1. “Trust yourself, you have the courage to do it so trust yourself enough that you have the capabilities to move it forward.”
  2. “Ride the rides, they’re not always fun. Take time to celebrate, and work to celebrate the people around you who are also on the ride with you.”
  3. “Find people that make you better, surround yourself with them, the faster you can do that, the better off you will be.”

What are your biggest goals for this year + how do you plan to celebrate when you hit them?

“We had an amazing year in 2020, and are widely grateful for that and recognize not every small business had the same experience” 

Point Solutions Group did an acquisition in late 2020 which “gave us an opportunity to accelerate our trajectory, we planned to hit somewhere between $13 and $15 million in revenue. 11 is my number, my energy spirit number whatever you wanna call it, it was my number in collegiate sports - it’s always 11, it shows up everywhere! So when we hit $11 million this year, whenever that is, our COO and I will be taking a trip to Napa and we decided that just because we’ve never even thought about doing it that we’re gonna take a jet to do it! This is something that I had felt guilty about in the past, about really celebrating big wines! I'd tell myself things like I don’t deserve it, I’m not worthy, and all these things, and from there was point that I made the decision that it is important to celebrate.” 

Celebrating team wins and individual wins is also of great importance, “I also want my team to celebrate the wins on their end as well, so it's important to do on both ends.”

Paige shared the importance of taking time to, "Appreciate what we are doing and know that it’s a lot of work, it’s not a standard type of growth that we are experiencing, so we need to appreciate it, value it, and continue  to work for it as we go!”

How do you define work life balance?

We know that work life balance can be a loaded question. Paige shared that it took her a long time to figure out work life balance, “now I just call it life, I don’t think there’s a balance but it’s really an allocation of time. Asking yourself where I want to spend my time. In my early career I thought time was an infinite resource and what I've learned is that time is a finite resource. I have to be really strategic where I put my time” Ain't that the truth??

“I try to be conscious of when I am somewhere -- being present. When that is at work, I’m present to what's going on there, at home, I’m present, working out, I’m present there. That gives me the grounded energy that I need to continue to do what I’m doing. I’m not perfect at it, my family might call me out on this, but I’m trying.”

Being an entrepreneur can often times mean that your brain is always on thinking through things, problem solving, planning ahead, dreaming, etc., “forcing the thoughts to shut off every once and a while is critical and that’s what I’ve been trying to focus on.”

Who / what inspires you?

“I have a lot of inspiration. At the base, my family inspires me, I have 3 year old twins.” 

Paige also shared she has an amazing goal, “When my twins are in a position to be in the work world, my goal is that we define success not by race, not by gender,  but by what the individual has accomplished and what they are striving to do to make an impact on their community on their family. I feel like  - have an opportunity to lead that.”

Women entrepreneurs are also inspiration to Paige, “They are constantly challenging what has existed for a very long time, what they think to be true and possible in their own minds and what the market also says. All these aspects for women entrepreneurs and other minority founders and CEOs, its’ super powerful! I am a small piece of that, if I can do it then maybe somebody behind me see it and says they can do it too.” 

Favorite sip + snack? (favorite wine, other alcohol or non-alcoholic beverage and pairing!)

Paige has a 2 pronged approach to this question, she’s a dual threat!!

“I love a really big bold red wine with charcuterie board and conversely a double IPA with chips and salsa!”

She loves wine and what she loves most about wine is "the atmosphere with people - the full experience", same!! Likewise with beer, any sporting event, throw in a double IPA and some chips and salsa -- she’s all set!



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