Discover The Female-Founded Brands in Our Founder's Pantry

At Wander + Ivy, we proudly celebrate women every day, so for International Women’s Month, our Founder + CEO, Dana, thought it would be fun to share the female-founded brands that you can find in her pantry every day.

Fresh Bellies

Founder: Saskia Sorrosa

I originally found Fresh Bellies for the kids and then fell in love with them myself which happens all the time! It's a great way for kids to eat something simple like strawberries and only has three ingredients: strawberries, coconut oil, and balsamic vinegar. Their mission is to 'train palates big and small' by introducing simple yet delicious flavor combinations in bite sized portions. 

Purely Elizabeth

Founder: Elizabeth Stein

You could say I'm a bit obsessed with all things Purely Elizabeth, founded by Elizabeth Stein out of Colorado. Their superfood oatmeals are a huge staple in my pantry. Elizabeth's goal was to create products that didn't have a trade off between nutritious ingredients and culinary taste so you never have to feel guilty about making these a regular occurrence.

Simple Mills

Founder: Katlin Smith

Simple Mills is one of my favorite gluten-free brands because they have SO many different products. Their crackers are one of my go to snacks. Simple Mills is healthy for you and healthy for the planet. They continue to be extremely vocal advocates for Regenerative Agriculture to make sure the planet can keep providing for many years to come. 


Founder: Dr. Teresa Purzner

The neurosurgeon behind Cerebelly was shocked at the choices of baby foods and snacks that lined our grocery store shelves. She wanted to make it easier to give our littles ones the nutrients they need at an early age. Cerebelly is ALWAYS in the kids section of our pantry because it's such an easy on-the-go healthy product. 

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