An Elevated Single-Serve Wine Experience

Combining the exquisite taste & terroir of luxury wines made from certified organic grapes at award-winning vineyards around the world.

Award-winning winemakers

We partner with prestigious winemakers that closely align with our values and commitment to excellence.

Vineyards around the world

Made in the most sought-after regions around the world such as France, Spain, Italy and California.

Single-serve glass bottles

Our premium and patented 6.3oz glass bottles preserve the romance of wine drinking.

Certified organic grapes

No artificial or synthetic chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides are used in the grape growing process.

Best Sellers

Mixed Varietal 8-Pack

Cabernet, Chardonnay, Red Blend, White Wine

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Chardonnay - 2020 Limited Edition

Notes of pear and apricot, slightly buttery with the perfect amount of toast

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White Wine - 2020 Limited Edition

Light white wine with tastes of clover honey, hints of minerality and a dry finish

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Cabernet Sauvignon - 2020 Limited Edition

Soft and velvety with notes of black cherry and vanilla

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