Malbec Wine!

What is Malbec?

Malbecs are a true delight! Famous for its deep purple color, its savory and spicy flavors make this wine a perfect alternative to higher priced Cabernets and Syrahs. A whole lotta value, taste, and enjoyment in one simple glass! 

The History of Malbec

When asked, many people would guess that the Malbec varietal originated in Argentina. Surprisingly Malbecs actually originated in France! However, Malbecs didn't do well in France due to the grapes’ fickle nature. In fact, more often than not, the vines and grapes were actually rotting before winemakers were able to harvest. So in the 19th century someone from Argentina came over to seek guidance from the French, asking how to make their wines better. At the time Argentine wines were no big deal. The French recommended they try the finicky Malbec varietal! Was this malicious or a nice gesture from the French? We’re not really sure. Luckily, the hot humid climate of Argentina agreed with the Malbec grapes! Looking ahead, for 100 years or so this varietal was only available in Argentina, essentially their little secret for many many years.

Malbecs’ Reputation 

In the early 2000s, people in the US, were looking for affordable and drinkable options, and Malbec came in hot! It became super popular! Though sometimes known as the poor mans’ Merlot, Malbecs are medium to full bodied and deliciously drinkable in our opinion. They tend to be more popular for at home drinking compared to seeing it on a high end restaurant's wine list. Low key, or actually high key, our team is in the market for a good malbec, we hope to offer this varietal someday. Fingers crossed! 

The Taste of Malbec

Malbecs are dry, often full-bodied, rich and include flavors like blackberry and plum. They have medium acid with moderate levels of tannins and pair well with all food! They’re especially great with lean red meats, funky flavors like blue cheese, and rustic flavors, like mushrooms and cumin spice. They are also delicious to enjoy without food which is an added bonus for day-time (or evening) drinking! 

Pro tip: when serving Malbec, pop it into the fridge for 30 to 60 minutes before you pour, this slightly under room temperature yields an optimal Malbec flavor profile.

Other Malbec Fun Facts

Argentina leads the production of this grape with over 75% of all the acres of Malbec in the world.

Malbec grapes thrive at high elevation, where they are able to produce more acidity, which creates the long lasting delicious wine. At lower elevations they struggle to produce acidity.

The name Malbec may sound like it comes from something romantic and French, however, historical evidence shows it is believed that a peasant bearing a similar name spread Malbec grapes throughout France and that is where the name came from. Not super sexy, but a fun fact to throw out with friends! 


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