5 Galentine’s Day Ideas

Are you gearing up for that special love holiday in February? No, we’re not talking about Valentine’s Day—we’re talking about Galentine’s Day! 

The purpose of Galentine's Day is to honor and celebrate female friendships. It's a day for women to come together to appreciate and support each other, regardless of their relationship status. Instead of focusing solely on romantic love, Galentine's Day highlights the importance of platonic connections and the bond between female friends. As no surprise, our female-founded company is all about it.


Girls Just Want to Have Fun

So, what can you do to celebrate Galentine’s Day? This day often calls for activities like brunch, a gift exchange, and spending quality time with your girlfriends, but we’ll dive into more specific Galentine’s Day ideas below. Hopefully, this list sparks some inspiration for you and your best gals!


1. Board Night

A woman placing a charcuterie board down next to two mini wine bottles, plates, and flatware

You may have already seen this one trending on TikTok, but a board night is where you assign everyone to bring a different type of grazing board to share. It’s basically charcuterie taken to the next level. 

Here are some examples we’ve seen: a dessert board, traditional charcuterie board, mezze spread with veggies and dips, butter board (yes, different types of butter—and bread!), burger board, pizza board, panini board, taco board, etc.

You can even stop by your favorite fast-food restaurant and pick up some chicken nuggets and fries but have it assorted beautifully on a board. We didn’t say it had to be the daintiest-looking board! It is Galentine’s Day, after all—go big or go home.

Board night is the best way to nibble on a little bit of everything, and it lets you and your girlfriends explore your creative sides. And what pairs better with charcuterie than WINE? Just saying...


2. Favorite Things Party

A favorite things party is a fun way of showing off your favorite, can’t-live-without, holy grail product with your girlfriends. 

While the rules can vary depending on the host, here’s the gist of it: Everyone brings their favorite item within a set budget—whether it’s skincare, makeup, or mini wine bottles 👀—and each guest walks away with someone else’s gift for the night. You can put names in a bowl and have each friend randomly select a gift as their name gets called out. The gift giver then explains why it’s their most cherished item from the year as the recipient opens it. 

The best part about this Galentine’s Day idea? It eliminates the need for separate Galentine gift ideas. Your guests will do all the work, and everyone will walk away with something unique and personal. It’s a win-win.


3. Rom-Com Movie Night

A single-serve wine bottle next to a glass of chardonnay and a bowl of popcorn

Take out the guesswork and set up a night dedicated to just about every woman’s favorite pastime: watching a rom-com. This is a tried-and-true Galentine’s Day idea for a reason.

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with your best gals and drooling over Ryan Gosling in “Crazy Stupid Love” after one too many sips of rosé and bites of chocolate-covered strawberries. It’s timeless, it’s cozy, it’s peak Galentine’s Day. Don’t forget popcorn and your yoga pants.


4. Wine Tasting

Three single-serve wine bottles next to a wine-tasting sign

Bring the vineyard into your home by hosting a BYOB soirée. Invite your girlfriends to show up with their favorite wines—whether it's a rich red, an elegant white, or a fruity rosé wine bottle—and let the taste-testing party begin! 

This is where Wander + Ivy comes in. Instead of opening several full-size bottles of wine and pouring half of it down the drain, our single-serve wine bottles offer just enough for everyone to steal a sip. Read more about what makes our mini wine bottles so convenient here!

Make the experience even sweeter by supplying our (new!) Sippers. You can elevate your wine tasting with these specially designed Sippers that fit perfectly into our wine bottles.

Plus, here’s a Galentine gift idea: Your guests can each take one home as a party favor! They’re cute and practical—just like the fab women you’re celebrating with.


5. Paint and Sip

Speaking of wine, we love a “Paint and Sip” night! This is quite literally what it sounds like—painting and drinking wine. Whether you hire a professional artist to teach a class or set up some blank canvases and let your imaginations roam wild, painting and drinking is as cozy as it is freeing. Who knows what kind of masterpiece you’ll wake up to in the morning?


A Toast to the Girlies Who Party

A bucket of mini wine bottles on ice

No matter what you decide to do for Galentine’s Day this year, make sure you spend it with your favorite women. And if they truly are your best friends, go out of the box and give them something they will use and appreciate (so, not another candle). Our chic, ready-to-gift wine boxes make the perfect Galentine gift idea because they are individualized, single-serve wine bottles—beautiful and convenient.

If you want something for the whole group, we recommend The Girlies Who Party Bundle. This festive bundle combines the best of both worlds—a premium 16-bottle Mixed Varietal Set and 16 chic Sippers, ensuring your party blows any Valentine’s Day “table for two” out of the water. Try our curated collection of Wander + Ivy wines this year and let loose with your girlfriends.

Happy Galentine’s Day 💋