Single-Serve Wines for Entertaining

Picture the simplicity and sophistication of offering an array of small bottles of wine at your next event, each a perfect serving for individual guests. Mini wine bottles serve as an excellent icebreaker and offer the practicality of a small bottle of wine, without the need for extensive preparation. Wander + Ivy’s ready-to-drink wine selections guarantee accessible, high-quality wine experiences without the usual fuss or waste.

Step into effortless and elegant entertaining with these compact and stylish wine options.

Why Mini Wine Bottles?

Mini wine bottles revolutionize entertaining with their convenience and charm. These compact gems eliminate the need to open full-sized bottles for each wine variety, allowing guests to enjoy their preferred wine without waste. They cater to individual preferences with selections from robust reds to crisp whites, making gatherings more inclusive. Beyond their practicality, these small bottles of wine enhance the ambiance of any event and add a touch of sophistication to the tablescape. Mini wine bottles strike the right balance between convenience and style.

Variety and Quality in Small Bottles of Wine

Wander + Ivy’s small bottles of wine excel in offering both variety and quality. These bottles cover everything from classic vineyard favorites to unique selections, ranging from a vibrant Sauvignon Blanc, to a rich Cabernet Sauvignon, to a delicate Pinot Noir. The wine quality in these smaller packages is on par with their standard-sized counterparts to ensure each bottle offers a premium wine experience, from the glass bottle to the juice, which is always made with certified organic grapes. Opting for small bottles of wine means choosing diversity and quality for an enhanced event.

Benefits of Single-Serve Wine Bottles for Events

Single-serve wine bottles bring a host of advantages to events:
  • Ease of Service: These bottles simplify wine serving, as they require no additional opening tools or decanting. They are ready to be enjoyed immediately–just twist off the top. Plus, hosts can skip the need for stemware entirely by topping the bottles off with custom Wine Sippers.
  • Perfect Portion Control: Each bottle is a single 6.3 ounce serving–one quarter of a traditional bottle–eliminating guesswork for hosts and allowing guests to enjoy a full glass of wine without wondering how much they’ve had to drink.
  • Reduced Waste: Single-serve bottles reduce the likelihood of unfinished wine, which minimizes waste and promotes a more sustainable approach to event hosting.
  • Variety for Guests: Offering an assortment of single-serve wine bottles allows guests to sample different wines or enjoy their go-to varietal. Gone are the days of guests feeling obligated to drink “whatever you have open.”
  • No Need for Preserving Leftovers: With single servings, there's less concern about preserving leftover wine, as each bottle is designed to be finished once opened.
  • Event Customization: These bottles can be selected to match the theme or style of the event, adding a personalized touch to the occasion.
  • Space Efficiency: Smaller bottles take up less space on tables and in serving areas.
Single-serve wine bottles offer convenience, variety, and a touch of personalization to any occasion.

Spotlight on Single-Serve White Wine

Wander + Ivy's selection of quality single-serve white wines includes a range of options, from a light and zesty French Sauvignon Blanc to a slightly-buttery California Chardonnay. These single-serve bottles are ideal for events and provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy high-quality white wines without having to commit to a full bottle. With Wander + Ivy, each mini wine bottle delivers a premium experience, with wines made from certified organic grapes grown at award-winning, family-owned vineyards around the world. This approach makes serving Wander + Ivy’s single-serve white wines not just convenient but also a reflection of the host’s commitment to quality.

Spotlight on Single-Serve Red Wine

Wander + Ivy’s single serve red wines are just as high-quality as our single-servie white wines with premium ingredients and the revolutionary single-serve style. Our red wines include the Red Blend made from Bobal and Merlot grapes in Spain and the Cabernet Sauvignon with aromas of boysenberry, cassis, mocha, and coffee from California.

Ready-to-Drink Wine From Wander + Ivy

Small bottles of wine introduce a new dimension to hosting and social gatherings. They’ve changed the way we think about and consume wine, making it more accessible and tailored to individual preferences. Whether it's a small bottle of wine for a quiet evening or single-serve wine bottles for a large party, these options ensure that every guest finds something to their liking. These small but impactful innovations in how we enjoy wine are set to redefine the landscape of wine consumption and entertaining.

Get mini bottles of wine for your next event!